The Anthem Olympics

The Anthem Olympics - - By Brian Phillips

First, I love that Wales got a special mention. It’s such a shame that the UK are pretending to be all united for these Olympics, so we don’t get to see the awesome Welsh flag (hello… it’s a DRAGON) or hear the awesome Welsh anthem (pipe organs mating in a forest, LOL). Wales really has patriotism down, especially for a country that was never able to win independence from the imperial oppressor… I mean Great Britain.

Second, this paragraph encapsulates much of what infuriates me about NBC’s tyranny over the Olympics this year.

Scheduling Notes: NBC has elected not to show the final round live, choosing instead to broadcast the semifinals of men’s 92kg steeple shooting, an event in which well-dressed gentlemen on horseback fire rifles into the sides of tiny churches. To watch the action as it unfolds, navigate to, validate your cable subscription, click “Live Schedule,” then click “Watch Now,” then click “All Events,” then actually go back because that list is impossibly long, click “Schedule by Availability,” click “A,” click “Alternate Events,” reopen your browser after it crashes, Google “watch anthems final NBC,” then finally go on Twitter and ask someone for the link.

Third, it’s an Olympic event for national anthems. Brilliant!