What Could Christians Accomplish Next Wednesday? | The Church of No People

I wonder at what happened on Wednesday, and I get a little bit fearful.  Because I’m afraid we just saw the biggest mass mobilization of Christians that we might see in our lifetimes.  We might never see Christians turn out like that for anything ever again.

Is lunch the only thing that could motivate us to do that?

What could we accomplish if we got that excited about something more than stuffing our faces for a cause?

We could bring the good news to people.

We could change hearts.

We could bring 100 million chicken sandwiches to hungry children.  

Next Wednesday is free for me.  Anyone else?  Use your imagination.  We could do a lot.  Something huge.  

Sorry, I just got caught up in a daydream.  A silly fantasy!  Of course it could never happen again…

…could it?

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